Part 1: Assessment

1.5 hour video course

A recent survey of over 1500 SLP’s collected by Bjorem Speech indicated that over 88% of SLP's consider themselves novice/still learning in the area of childhood apraxia of speech. If SLP’s do not feel comfortable explaining, diagnosing and treating CAS we are unable to help, parents, teachers, paras and administrators support helping children with this disorder. During this course we will outline the definition of CAS,  practice identifying CAS characteristics through videos, and learn what characteristics are discriminative from other speech disorders. We will walk through the informal evaluation process, dig into choosing targets with interactive practice, and write goals for a motor planning approach. .

Learning Objectives

  • After completing this class, participants will be able to define CAS and identify the characteristics of CAS that separate the diagnosis from other speech sound disorders.
  • Participants will become familiar with differential diagnostic criteria for CAS and learn how to informally assess.
  • Participants will be able to implement motor learning guidelines when choosing targets for CAS therapy.

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Jennie has been practicing as a pediatric speech-language pathologist for over 22 years, WOW! She and her husband have been married 21 years and they have 4 children. Over the past 10 years, Jennie has taken a special interest in childhood apraxia of speech. She currently carries a small caseload of children with childhood apraxia in Colorado, and travels the country presenting on the topic. She is recognized for advanced training in Childhood Apraxia by Apraxia Kids. Jennie has owned a private practice in Overland Park, Kansas for the past 20 years. Jennie is the owner of Bjorem Speech Publications and an author of the original Bjorem Speech Sound Cues. Jennie's goal is to publish inclusive and diverse products that speak to all children and therapists. You can find her products at